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Global Image Group is committed to providing high quality image consulting services in a timely and cost-efficient manner. As a result, we are rewarded with new and repeat clients. See what Global Image Group's clients have to say about us.


"Hi Michelle! It was fate that you were carrying that great purse at the airport. What a hoot I had with you last week. Afterwards I walked through everything that we did with my husband, and he's impressed (as am I) with the investment that you helped me make in my wardrobe. I started my new "swanky" role on Monday and I'm so glad that we upped my wardrobe. I walked into my boss' office for the first meeting and she was wearing one of the shirts that we bought together. She and I have now bonded! I look forward to receiving the wardrobe photos as I'm overwhelmed with all the great options when I walk into my closet. Thanks again! I'll be getting back in touch in March/April for another "investment" shopping session."

Biotech Portfolio Associate Director, Genentech
South San Francisco, California



"Thank you so much for your help today, Michelle! For someone who hates shopping, I actually enjoyed myself with you (even if it didn't show).  I truly have a fabulous wardrobe which fits my fabulous body! Thank you so much for helping me see my own beauty and re-evaluate my self-image."

Fashion Marketing Director
New York, New York



"Michelle, I have to tell you how my week and half has gone since our consultation in NY. Every person I know who has seen me this last week and half has stopped in their tracks to say how good I look. It has been unbelievable. The changes, to me, are so subtle I never expected the reaction I have received. My circle includes bank executives and presidents, CEOs, Executive Directors, COO, accountants, lawyers (of course), lobbyists. Male lawyers who have never said a word about how I look have made comments. Truly, every single person has gushed compliments (and asked for your contact information)! And I haven’t even received the wardrobe CD or all of the clothes yet. These compliments are only based on my hair and makeup and the few new tops you selected from Ann Taylor (where I already bought many of my clothes in the past). I don’t know the magic dust you use, but there is no doubt that you have found your calling. My sincerest thanks to you."

Law Firm Partner
Jacksonville, Florida


"When your career requires you to interact with high-profile individuals nationwide and convince them to speak to Good Morning America instead of The Today Show, you must project trust, credibility and professionalism. I solicited Michelle Sterling's help because I heard she was a true professional and tops in her industry. Michelle pushed me in a new and positive direction as I transitioned into my new job working with Diane and Barbara. I feel more confident now and my colleagues and friends detect a more polished and put together look. Keep up the great work - it was truly a pleasure working with you, Michelle."

Segment Producer, ABC Network News
San Francisco, California


"Michelle has the ability to quickly assess one’s personal style. She knew what I felt comfortable wearing and what I would feel comfortable in - but hadn’t yet tried. Her valuable advice stretched and rounded out my personal style. I was trying to find a fresh professional look to reflect my two different jobs, then to focus on my newly owned consulting business, as well as improving my weekend wardrobe so I would be a “hip” mom of a toddler. In addition to all that, I told her what my stumbling blocks were: color coordination and accessories. Michelle gave me easy tools to use to find clothes and accessories that would mix colors, suit my body proportion, and advance my personal style. I enjoy Michelle’s personality and am very impressed with her professionalism. Her knowledge in this field is extraordinary and her method is efficient and fun. Thank you Michelle!"

Sunrose Land Use Consulting
Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada


"Michelle Sterling is brilliant! I just can't say enough about her! She is a bona fide genius! She totally captured my "look" and what I want to say to the world in just a few short hours! In the past, I had had my "colors" done, but something was still wrong because I would buy things in “spring” colors that were suppose to look good on me, but I just didn't feel comfortable wearing them. I wasted hundreds, and probably thousands of dollars over the years on things that would just sit in my closet, barely worn. I was baffled and totally frustrated. Well Michelle knew exactly what was wrong! What an eye-opener! I never considered my "introverted personality" in buying clothes! She went through my entire wardrobe in the blink of an eye and I have a ton of clothes! She purged what wasn't "me" and she showed me awesome and wonderful ways to mix and match clothes I already had as well as new clothes we bought together in ways I would have never in a million years thought of! And they looked great together! Wow! Brilliant! She is worth her weight in gold! Now instead of thinking "I have nothing to wear" when I look in my closet, I'm excited because I have a million things to wear! Thank you Michelle! You're an Angel from Heaven!"

Mary Yeabower, IT Professional
Jacksonville, Florida

"I love my new wardrobe! I've gotten a lot of compliments from co-workers. I had some appointments yesterday and can say with confidence that I made a terrific first impression. I wore the pin-striped jacket with the tone-on-tone pants yesterday, with the silver wrap top! Thank you for a great consultation!"

Sales and Advertising Account Manager, Magazine Publisher
New York, New York


"My recent 2-day consultation with Michelle Sterling was an exceptional investment for my career and social life. Previously my image was inconsistent with my personality. As a personable, approachable, and reliable person, my wardrobe was filled with clothing and colors which made me seem unapproachable. Michelle formulated a plan to re-brand my image enabling me to achieve colossal steps for my personal and professional future goals. She unquestionably has terrific fashion sense and presented clothing options that I never would have considered but were flattering for my body type. We went for a totally different look which included a new hair style and glasses. The magnitude of the results has been phenomenal! Friends, peers, and strangers have been giving me compliments on a daily basis. She is one of the best in her field of expertise."

IT Project Manager, Glotel
Houston, Texas


"First of all, thank you Michelle. I am so impressed with your ability to quickly assess my style, goals and needs. The conference I attended in Los Angeles this week went very well. I felt so comfortable and confident in the clothes you selected for me, both during the day and at night. At the conference, I spoke on stage in front of 200 people and I felt like a million dollars. The Elie Tahari suit was absolutely perfect for the occasion. Our personal style and shopping session was time and money well spent. Again, I thank you."

Executive Search Consultant
San Francisco, California


"I really had a great time with Michelle Sterling in New York on Saturday! Before I met her I hated shopping ever since I lost my personal shopper at Nordstrom 10 years ago. I learned so much from our Personal Style and Personal Shopping consultation that I would like to schedule another appointment in San Francisco over Labor Day weekend. I was amazed how well she pulled together a new spring/summer wardrobe for me at the Saks petit department all in 4 hours. Everything mixed and matched so well and was beautiful. Thanks again! I am grateful and look forward to our next session."

PeopleSoft HRMS Consultant, Merck
Spring Lake, New Jersey


"Michelle, just thought you'd like to know how proud you'd be of me with some recent purchases on shirts. Lots of color! I picked up a nice diagonal stripped orange cream and a light yellow shirt the other day to project a more creative and outgoing personality, along with ties. I'm wearing the orange ensemble for an interview today. Between what we picked up and what I've gotten on my own, one of the people I've been working with at this temp job said I've got the best clothes of most guys she knows. Thought you'd get a kick out of that. Thanks for your help."

Public Relations Professional
Los Angeles, California


"Global Image Group really pulled through. I've received numerous compliments on my new wardrobe. I feel confident and very well put together. My short term objective exceeded my expectations as I was voted top ten by my Harvard Business School peers in the most unexpected category at my reunion."

CEO, Bio-Technology Company
Palo Alto, California


"My hats off to Global Image Group for helping me build my confidence for broadcast media segments and interviews. As an actress, being on camera comes naturally; however, Global Image Group's program definitely takes me to the next level. I should have taken these steps years ago. Thanks especially to Michelle Sterling for her image and media coaching expertise."

Los Angeles, California


"Are you too good to be true? I love the e-mail updates in your search for the perfect outfits for me. Thanks for all your help and excellent fashion and style advice. You're so right! The beige Prada dress might be a bit too revealing for the morning Bat Mitzfah services. You are really looking out for my good reputation. I am addicted to you already and look forward to our continued work together. Thanks so much."

Wife of a Senior Investment Banker and Mother of Two
Saratoga, California


"Please pass on to Michelle that I absolutely LOVED working with her and I am already seeing and feeling the results of the great purge and closet re-org. I can't wait to see my pictures and start maximizing my clothes! My mother couldn't believe how amazing my closets looked! Michelle was a great birthday present."

Concert Violinist and Music Teacher
New York, New York


"Knowledge is power and always a good investment. For me at least, this wasn't just a wise business investment but also a rewarding personal investment."

Senior System IT Administrator, America Online Inc.
Reston, Virginia


"Our style and makeover session was so well worth it and long overdue. I really feel good about myself and the changes we made. I had my hair cut and restored its 'natural' color. My new glasses give me a much more updated and contemporary look. The outfits and accessories you chose are perfect. Thanks for putting the spring back into my step."

President, Pacific Design Studio Architects Inc.
Sacramento, California


"I'm loving all my new clothes and can't believe how many outfits I'm able to put together using them! Ethan is afraid he's created a monster by getting a style makeover as my birthday present because I've gone shopping a couple of times since you left! Thanks for everything. Hopefully Ethan can get some help from you soon to round out our closet space!"

Homemaker and Wife of an Internet CEO
Provo, Utah


"Who would have thought an etiquette book search would have resulted in such a life altering experience. You see it on TV however you never think it can happen to you. Your custom tailored program helped overcome my self-esteem and self-confidence obstacles beyond my expectations. Michelle Sterling really took the time to get to know me and meet my specific needs from an appearance, behavioral communication, and etiquette perspective. I don’t think I could have chosen a better consultant. Thanks again!"

Manager, Aradiant
San Diego, California


"It was wonderful to work with Michelle. I'm glad she went through my closet -- I feel so much better and well put together! She makes shopping easy. I'm really happy with my purchases and new look! I can't wait to wear the spectacular outfits Michelle coordinated for me from head to toe, particularly the one she chose for my broadcast interview with PBS."

Former New York Times Executive and Mother of Twins
New York, New York


"Thank you Jennifer Lauren, it was a great pleasure working with you. I haven't put your words of wisdom to use yet but would like to in the very near future. I've already worn all of my outfits and should probably stock up with some more. I look forward to our next appointment together."

Senior Executive, Ramada Plaza Resorts
Fort Lauderdale, Florida


"Bravo Global Image Group. Jennifer Lauren did a great job! You really captured Brooke's essence - from the shoes to the jewelry, and everything in between. Brooke is so excited about the makeup and tips for applying. She can't wait to implement the new tools and techniques you provided."

Teenage Daughter of CEO
Miami, Florida


"I enjoyed the session and didn't realize how much I took out of it until doing some subsequent shopping and closet clean out. There is a lot to be said for the comfort level you have when you stop trying to look like other people and focus on your own style. I'll definitely contact Michelle in the next month to arrange for more detailed consulting."

Business Development Manager, Cisco Systems
San Jose, California


"Thank you for everything, Michelle. I had a great time shopping with you in NY and I really was pleased with your ability to identify and locate styles and brands that fit my petite figure. I have already worn some of my new clothes to work and have even tossed out some of the old items in my closet which I have not worn in a while. I love the black Tahari jacket that you picked out. I have already told my husband that we should use contract Global Image Group to purchase some new suits and ties for him. Thank you again."

Endodontist, Private Practice D.M.D.
Longmeadow, Massachusetts


"I had a great time shopping with Michelle and learned a lot. She is very good at what she does. I just ordered my shoes per her recommendations so I'm all set! Thanks again for a great personal shopping session and thoughtful birthday gift from my husband."

Senior Manager, Deloitte Consulting
San Francisco, California


"Michelle, you are awesome! My new wardrobe has given me a new lease on life. Not only do I feel good, but according to my coworkers and husband, I look good as well. I'm so excited with my new clothes that I plan to put together a spreadsheet with all the outfits so I can mix and match, as you suggested. Global Image Group truly helped make a significant breakthrough in my life. Thank you."

Senior Systems Engineer Consultant, Dell, Inc.
Sacramento, California


"Thank you for all your help, Michelle. I really learned a great deal about what to wear and what not to wear based on my African American coloring and challenging body type during my Personal Style Analysis and Personal Shopping consultation with you. Now that I am back home looking through my closet, nothing seems right in it anymore. I feel very confident in the tools that you have given me and I love my new purchases which make me look more like a girl and compliment my figure. It was a pleasant experience working with you and I had a lot of fun. I will probably need to see you again when the seasons change to help me with my fall/winter wardrobe."

Chemical Officer, US Army
Watertown, New York


"I decided to put my new image and whole persona to the test. I implemented all of Global Image Group's recommendations. My hair and makeup personify my personality and I choose outfits based on colors that suit me. Most importantly, my enhanced communication skills give me more confidence in speaking to gentlemen."

Research Associate, Roche Bioscience
Palo Alto, California


"I've employed a lot of the communication strategies and tactics Michelle and I discussed and have noticed tremendous change. Things are going great. I even notice that I speak more in meetings because I am feeling more confident all around. I will definitely continue to keep Global Image Group apprised of everything. Thanks again."

Associate, River Communications Public Relations
New York, New York


"Before I met Michelle, I won business in 3 out of every 10 presentations. After the Global Image Group process, I close 8 out of 10 deals. Image is everything! Global Image Group's results yielded a great return on my investment."

Senior Vice President, Cornish and Carey Commercial
Santa Clara, California


"Michelle has an innate understanding of a client's unique personal style. Through a short conversation, Michelle assessed my wardrobe needs for business and social settings. Her ability to compile twenty pieces of clothing and complete the look with the appropriate accessories exceeded my expectations."

Senior Scientist, IBM
San Jose, California


"Not only did Michelle teach me the importance of projecting a winning outward image, but she educated me on the significance of developing interpersonal relationships and strong communications skills. As a result of our work together, I received a promotion last Friday. The results due to my work with Michelle have been truly amazing."

Senior Computer Engineer, Sun Microsystems
Sunnyvale, California


"I have been working with Michelle for the past six months and she is wonderful. She has amazing insight and is very easy and fun to work with. She is trustworthy, open and honest and knows exactly what is best for me and my needs. Working with Michelle has truly changed my life. The image, etiquette and communication information, skills and support she has given me have increased my confidence and self-esteem 1000 fold."

Assistant Manager, Harry K. Wong Publications
Mountain View, California


"Michelle Sterling was really able to educate me on building a basic wardrobe and about shopping in general. She has certainly simplified clothes shopping for the future! So other than finding some navy trousers and black loafers, at the moment I'm probably ready to start my new job and project a more credible and authoritative image. I know it's what you do, but thanks anyway!"

Former Senior Software Engineer, Yahoo!
Sunnyvale, California


"With Michelle's assistance I went from a conservatively dressed investment banker from Chicago to a fashionably, chic clad New York banker. Clothes send an unspoken message and Michelle helped me establish a fresh, confident, and memorable look."

Associate, Banc of America Securities
New York, New York


"New Years Eve lifesavers...I lead a very busy lifestyle and at a moments notice, Global Image Group was at my disposal. They saved me time and money by understanding my style, knowing where to find exactly what I was looking for, and suggesting the appropriate item for the occasion. Needless to say, my date was impressed."

COO, Clockwork, Inc.
San Francisco, California


"When my company implemented a business casual policy, I turned to Michelle Sterling. It was easy for me to shop for a suit, but I was lost when it came to understanding appropriate business casual attire. Michelle had the solution to my problem and was able to suggest multiple outfits for me in colors that made me feel wonderful."

Vice President, Bank of America
San Francisco, California


"As a management consultant, I travel extensively for business. By quickly assessing my needs and lifestyle, Global Image Group knew exactly how to wardrobe me. I now own 3 suits that travel well, are easy to mix and match, and are classic and versatile from day to evening."

Principal, Booz Allen & Hamilton Inc.
San Francisco, California


"What an unbelievable job you did! You were calm, clever, and most productive. The end result is what counts and you deserve a huge applause. My client is thrilled and cannot wait to wear the beautiful outfit you found. Thank you for all the confidence that you have given my client."

Director of Business Development, Caral Newman City Scarves
San Francisco, California


"Thank you to Global Image Group for the great online style consult-- super advice. As a best-selling author and public speaker, Michelle did a great job honing my style, even from a distance! You too can go get your style assessed from the comfort of your home."

Fern Reiss, CEO, The Publishing Game
Boston, MA


"I used to shop for clothes in a random, scatter shot manner. Then I’d wonder why I had so many things hanging in my closet that I never wore. Global Image Group's Visual Style Assessment helped me identify my personal style and the elements I should look for when buying clothes. I've already saved hundreds of dollars by buying only those clothes that I know fit my style and that I'll wear. My closet is much neater too. Your Visual Style Assessment tool is terrific and people certainly get their money's worth. Thanks!"

LeeAundra Temescu, CEO, The Contrary Public Speaker
Los Angeles, CA


"I just wanted to thank Global Image Group for Michelle Sterling's help in the Visual Style Assessment. I have begun implementing some of her wardrobe suggestions based on our phone consultation and the results from the style sheets. I have already found that looking one's best is a bit of a boost to one's confidence. Believe it or not, I have already noticed some improvement in my interactions with the opposite sex. I think it's because women can sense this increased confidence, and find it appealing. I have just completed the online Behavioral Style Assessment form, and I eagerly await the results. If the feedback I get from it is as helpful as that from the Visual Style Assessment, I shall be well pleased indeed. Thanks again for all your help.”

Police Officer
Norfolk, Virginia

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